We can provide Texas Department of State Health Services licensed Ambulances equipped to transport and care for our Patient’s as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit with Cardiac monitoring, ALS medications, pacing, defibrillation and 12 Lead diagnostic capability. Portable Patient Ventilator for intubated patients requiring critical care transportation, including long distance transportation, from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio, Houston and Galveston.

As part of our full 24-hour emergency and non-emergency service coverage, we provide:
  • Hospital-to-Hospital transfers, including for the transfer acutely ill patients over long distances while providing safe and quality care which meet or exceed the needs of the patient and their family.
  • Nursing home to Hospital transfer,
  • and direct service for individual patients who require regular transports to the Hospital for their scheduled care.

We do all our billing in house and offer flexible payment terms, including credit card payments. We accept all insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid and their replacement and supplements. Our office hours are from 09:00 am-5:00 pm